Notice to all attending the September 2nd – Fridays couples league.

There will be a dinner offered **- BBQ chicken with salad, rolls and dessert for $12 

Must be reserved in advance, 

by Thursday September 1st by calling the pro-shop (802) 933-2296.

No emails please. 

** Must call the proshop to confirm dinner

👇Link to sign up for this week to play golf is at the bottom of the page. 👇

Pairings For: 9/2/2022

Format: 3-3-3 Combo

Holes 10, 11, 12 – Scramble

Each player hits from the tee box, the team chooses the best of the two shots and the other player moves their ball to that location. From there they both hit their second shot and repeat until the ball is holed.

Holes 13, 14, 15 – Alternate Shot

Both players hit their tee shots, the two decide who’s tee shot to play from. The opposite player hits the next shot and the two continue to alternate until the ball is holed. 

Holes 16, 17, 18  – Best Ball

Both players play their own ball throughout the hole but record the better score

HolePairing 1Pairing 2
10Lee & SharronGary & Sue St. Pierre
11Hugh & CynthiaWynn & Pauline
12Dick & GinnyAndy & Sue
13Les & NancyWarren & Lena

RESULTS (8/26)

1st: Ginny Spooner & Dick Wakefield

2nd: Hugh & Cynthia Gates

Random Draw: Warren & Lena

2022 Updates

League Start Date: Friday,  May 27th 4:30pm


  • League Fee: $5 per couple. This applies to all leagues and participants.
  • Payment for leagues will be paid as you go: each time you play, you pay $5 inside the pro shop. Advance payment will not be accepted.


**Non-Members: Non-Member guest are permitted to join our couple’s league for no more than three rounds within the season. In other words, the same guest cannot participate in our couple’s league more than three times in 2022. Non-Member payment will be $30 per couple for their greens fee and a cart or $20 per couple for their greens fee walking. Neither price includes the $5 league fee. In short, a non-member couple joining league with a cart will be charged $35 total, a non-member couple joining league walking will be charged $25 total. **All prices are subject to change

Signup: Signup guidelines will be the same as last year’s process. You must sign up for league in advance using the signup link provided here. You must signup before 9am the day of league, or you will not be included in that week’s pairings.

Format: Friday Couple’s League will consist of different formats each week including but not limited to: 2 Person Scramble, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, etc. A calendar of the season with the format for each round will be posted on the League Website as June 4th gets closer. Format suggestions are encouraged and can be brought to the Pro Shop.

Important Reminders:

  • Please individually gather your things and wait for your tee time or scramble time.
  • DO NOT gather in large groups at any point on the course, in the parking lot, pro shop, etc.
  • Still, only three customers allowed in the pro shop at one time – You may wait outside patiently or work with your group so only one person needs to enter the pro shop to get the scorecard
  • All people entering the pro shop must be wearing a mask that are not vaccinated.
  • We are now able to allow two people in one cart who are vaccinated.

Weekly Sign up to play golf below:👇

Weekly sign up link to play golf. Click Here. If you sign up to play golf after 9 AM Friday You will be going into next weeks Pairing to play the following week. All pairing stops at that time. Please call the pro shop if you have any questions or cancellations instead of emailing.

** Must call the proshop to confirm dinner

We will keep you updated. Please keep the link to this page

All information and last minute cancellation will be posted here