The following applies to all leagues:

Starting Dates
  • Tuesday Morning Men’s League – May 16th 10am (After for the rest of the season – 9am will be the start time.)
  • Wednesday Women’s League – May 24th 5pm
  • Thursday Men’s League – May 25th 5pm
  • Friday Couple’s League – May 26th 4:30pm
  • Junior League – June 22nd -August 3rd TBA
  • Please note: ALL DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGEAny Questions Please Call the Pro shop.
  • Signup guidelines will be the same as last year’s process. You must sign up for league in advance using our EFCC League Website. The deadlines to sign up for each week’s league are as follows:
    • Tuesday Morning Men’s League: 12pm/Noon on the Monday prior to that Tuesday league
    • Wednesday Women’s League: 9am the day of
    • Thursday Men’s League: 9am the day of
    • Friday Couple’s League: 9am the day of
  • If you do not sign up before the deadline, you will not be included in that week’s pairings.
  • Similar to last year, pairings will be posted on the League Website. Any cancellations or changes should call the Pro Shop.
  • League Fee: $5 per person. This applies to all leagues and participants.
  • Payment for leagues will be paid as you go: each time you play, you pay $5 inside the pro shop. Advance payment will not be accepted.

Below you can find further information on each league

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Wednesday Women’s League – Click Here

Thursday Men’s League – Click Here

Friday Couple’s League – Click Here

Junior League information – Click Here