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Pairings for

DATE: 7/18/24

HolePlayer1Player 2Player 3Player4
1Mark GarrandLucas LothianJohn Choquette
2Keith GodfreyWynnWarren Dahlin

RESULTS Date 7/18/24

Winning Team +8
Ben Hardy
Todd Messier
Dave Jackson

Most over +6
Ben Hardy
Lucas Lothian

No closest to pin

Ken Kane #1
Lucas Lothian #4
Ben Hardy #5

2024 Updates

*We will not be cancelling league for weather, whoever would like to play despite the forecast is welcome to show up.

League Start Date: Thursday, May 23th 5pm


  • League Fee: $5 per person. This applies to all leagues and participants.
  • Payment for leagues will be paid as you go: each time you play, you pay $5 inside the pro shop. Advance payment will not be accepted.

Signup: Signup guidelines will be the same as last year’s process. You must sign up for the league in advance using the signup link provided here. You must sign up before NOON WEDNESDAY, or you will not be included in that week’s pairings.
(call in’s will not be listed on the website after this time)

Format: Thursday’s Men’s League will follow its usual Stableford/Point System format. Players will compete individually and as a foursome for Most Points Individually, Most Points as a Team, Closest to the Pin, and Skins. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 6 Points – Eagle or Better
  • 4 Points – Birdie
  • 2 Points – Par
  • 1 Points – Bogey
  • .5 Points – Double Bogey

Important Reminders:

  • Please individually gather your things and wait for your tee time either in your car or at your starting hole. DO NOT gather in large groups at any point on the course, in the parking lot, pro shop, etc.
  • Still, only three customers allowed in the pro shop at one time – You may wait outside patiently or work with your group so only one person needs to enter the pro shop to get the scorecard
  • All people entering the pro shop must be wearing a mask that are not vaccinated.
  • We are now able to allow two people in one cart who are vaccinated. Please keep in mind that though this is allowed, people who feel more comfortable riding alone are welcome to do so

Weekly league play – sign up link. Click Here. If you sign up to play after NOON WEDNESDAY, You will be going into next week’s Pairing to play the following week. Please call the pro shop if you have any questions or cancellations instead of emailing. (Call in’s after noon Wednesday will not be listed on the website after this time) But can play that week if the league has not started.)

All information and last-minute cancellations will be posted here

We will keep you updated. Please keep the link to this page